Hence the name, Chima is the main setting for Legends of Chima.

In Fireheart318's Do or Die Edit

Chima in Do or Die is almost exactly the same as the one depicted in canon, that is mostly forest and jungle with some desert and a mountain or two with Mount Cavora and the Lion Temple in the center or the land. Notable differences include:

  • Surrounding Islands
  • Outlands Space Center (Post First Battle Against the Heliosatans)
  • GRIFFON Space Base (Eagle and Lion joint project)

In AuthorOfSurvival's World Of DreamsEdit

The Chima seen in World of Dreams is far different from the canon Chima. It is a vast, sprawling land filled mostly with Jungle, though some areas are different, such as the Plains surrounding RavenSpire. Temples and towns cover the land, most abandeoned or destroyed, lending itself well to scavengers and explorers. Notable non-canon locations include:

  • StormCloud beach
  • The Deep Jungle
  • Razor Jungle
  • The Western shores
  • The Eastern Plains
  • The Deep swamp
  • The Noctis River
  • Lake Noctis
  • The Hammerhead river

In LavalLloydTormakPanthar's Ultimate Powers Edit

The Chima seen in Ultimate Powers is a very advanced land that has achieved its technological state, as shown in the series of Ninjago cartoon, in season 3. It has achieved so much, The Digital Overlord has been reconstructed here in Nindroid Fortress which was created by Dark Lion. Many Ninja temples have been crossed over from Ninjago. Fortresses are set among the Dark Line while Temples are all over Chima. Many of the Tech Fortresses are controlled by the Chimera Alliance. Important places in Chima are very different.

All of them are renamed. These are:

Robo Daggers-The Fangs

Eagle Enterprises-Eagle Spires

Lion's Fortress-Lion City

Mt. Phoenix-Mt.Cavora.

Unfortunately, the rest were destroyed by dark lion.