Divide By Zero is a fully automatic rocket launcher created by Ezim.

Design Edit

Boasting a large silver gatling barrel and detailed markings on a small and durable base, thanks to newly discovered technology, Divide By Zero is a powerful rocket launcher that wreaks havoc on the battlefield with incredible prescision.


Body Edit

Divide By Zero makes use of lightweight and strong materials to support a boxy frame with very little unnecessary weight.

Magazine Edit

Divide By Zero makes use of an ultra-powerful materialized energy filament in a small one-inch casing to deliver incredibly powerful homing rockets made of an unknown plasma-like substance.

Trivia/Author Notes Edit

This weapon was named after a popular internet meme by the same name, where the act of dividing something by zero on a calculator results in a massive explosion or destruction of the universe.

It is somewhat based on Gjallarhorn from Destiny, another rocket launcher known for its beauty and destructive power.